On the job – save time, reduce risk and cost…

What’s not to like about saving time whilst reducing both risk and cost?

At EMAV, we offer you the ability to monitor construction progress with a unique set of views; aerial photos, 360° videos, 2D maps and 3D models (more on these in a future blog post!) – all of these can be repeated throughout the construction process, enabling you to easily monitor progress.

Imagine, during the pre-construction phase, being able to integrate aerial photos and earthwork models, along with accurate volume calculations…

Working with your surveyor, we can quickly capture vital data using our drones, process it through our state of the art software and give both you and your surveyor quick access to quality information.

During construction, you can easily detect plan defects enabling you to correct them earlier (and consequently save money!) by comparing the current build to your designs.

Automated cut/fill analysis helps you keep an eye on costs throughout the build process.

How else can it save you money? Simple….efficiency…we will work with your surveyor, providing them with the data they need, perhaps without the need for them to even get their boots dirty, we can be that link that gets you the answers you need more quickly.

And yes, we mentioned reducing risk – our drones can get to those places that it’s just not safe or practical to send a person. Depending on the job site, this can massively help you to get that vital information that it would otherwise just prove impossible or prohibitively risky/costly to get.

Surely the only question you should be asking right now is….why aren’t we using drones and EMAV to save us time, money and reduce risk?