CAA Drone Code

We’re often asked when we’re out and about “Are there any rules?” and “How do I do it properly?” and the best answer we can give on the spur of the moment is “Check out the CAA Drone Code!”. It’s the bible here in the UK for how you should be doing it, any good operator will be adhering to it (at a minimum) and recreational flyers should certainly know all about it too – after all, you’re going to be tested on it in your online flyer test.

Items found in the Drone Code include:

  • What you need to fly legally
  • Flying safely & responsibly
  • Where you can fly
  • Protecting people’s privacy
  • How to get a flyer id and operator id
  • Less common types of flight (over tall structures etc)

The rules are not onerous, they’re there to keep everyone safe and to allow everyone to enjoy this technology, whether that’s for work or purely on a recreational basis.

Click here for the CAA Drone Code (opens in new tab).

Dronedesk also allows us to ensure our planning takes care of separation distances etc in a very easy fashion, prior to even going on site, we can easily check that we’re going to have enough separation between where we’re flying and where uninvolved people may be, which in turn allows us to make decisions as to which drones to use, what additional controls may be needed etc. Check out this blog post for more information on how we plan with Dronedesk