industrial unit roof aerial inspection by drone

Architects and surveyors, we can be your eyes in the sky!

Our speciality is getting you the images and video that architects and surveyors need, if you can’t get it yourself. Without the use of scaffolding, cherry-pickers or any other expensive equipment, we will get you high quality images and video. You can then concentrate on the bit you do well, the analysis and decision making based on those images.

On this page, we’ll bring you some ideas of the sort of images and video we can get you.

Listed Building, Warwick

This is a small section of an inaccessible (unless you fancy climbing out of the Velux windows?) roof on a Grade II listed building in Warwick. We provided both video and high quality images of the roof and high level facades.

The surveyor client provided the eyes and ears as an observer for this particular job as it involved overflying a pavement and road in the town centre. We can, and do, provide trained observers where necessary but are also more than happy to work with on-site staff on the day.

inaccessible roof aerial inspection by drone
annotated overview of roof inspection in derbyshire

Roof inspection, Derbyshire

This was a roof inspection for an end client, but could just as easily have been commissioned by architects, surveyors or roofing contractors. A quick edit in the office enabled us to annotate the final photos for the client, enabling easy recognition of close-ups and spotting exactly where problems lie.

pitched roof aerial inspection by drone

Architect commission of aerial images, Cheshire

Now this was an interesting job! An architect required us to not only get aerial images of the entire exterior of the structure, but also to fly indoors in the pitch black roof space of the old barn. Now there was an interesting problem to solve! The solution we decided on was the use of portable, battery-powered studio lights to light the interior and flying the Mavic 2 Pro with prop guards fitted ensured we were able to manouvre around the tight spaces without worrying about the debris hanging from the roof.

full building drone inspection of old barn in cheshire
overview of roofing building work at historic church building in leicestershire

Grade I Listed Church, Leicestershire

We were asked by the church Warden to document the remedial work on this church roof, images have been kept for the benefit of future generations and an aerial video was produced to show the congregation how work had progressed. A good working relationship with the air traffic controllers ensured we were able to complete this job despite being less than a mile from an international airport.

Industrial roof inspection, West Midlands

Working with a local surveyor, we were happy to lend our eyes in the sky, getting images and video of the whole roof, including the upper facade and guttering. With a central guttering channel running between the two buildings, inaccessible from anyone on a platform, the drone was able to quickly and efficiently get the images and video necessary for the surveyors to complete their work. Images and video were sent electronically the same day.

industrial unit roof aerial inspection by drone


  • Aerial Photos
  • 20 Megapixel Still photos
  • Edited and color-graded
  • Same-day service available
  • Supplied as high quality jpg or raw files
  • Delivered using our in-house client portal


  • Aerial Videos
  • 4k Ultra HD Video
  • Live Video Capabilities
  • Edited and color-graded
  • Same-day service available
  • Supplied in your choice of filetype
  • Delivered using our in-house client portal