Historic Buildings / Listed Buildings

Historic and Listed Buildings are where we think we can all agree that drones really come into their own. We can get our drones into positions and places that, quite frankly, would be impossible to do using other techniques. We can fly the drones over and around structures that are too unsafe, precarious or precious for humans to go.

This could be up a church spire for example, where perhaps no human has been since it was erected. Our drones can get you up close and personal with the stonework before risking harm to anyone.

Or maybe you need to check out before having roofing contractors quote, inside or out, on a historic building that could well be unsafe but certainly undesirable to go clambering over.

Is it safe to put people up there? Send a drone up to check!

At EMAV Ltd, one of our specialities is working on-site at Listed and/or Historic Buildings, providing a light or no-touch solution to getting images of entire structures. These images can then be used in all manner of ways, be it for promotional purposes, or maybe showing investors/donators how their money is being spent on that new roof perhaps, or creating a digital twin, a 3D model useful to analyse remedial work that may be needed either now or in the future that can even be 3D printed and held in your hand!

Architects love the full visibility they can get using aerial photos and video, and that’s before they then get their hands on a 3D printed model to rotate and examine in the palm of their hands.

Surveyors appreciate being able to get up close with walls, roofs and other structures up high, or in dangerous positions without even having to leave the comfort of the office.

Don’t take chances with precious architecture – use our drones and experience to view your buildings from all angles in perfect safety, quickly and much cheaper/easier than erecting scaffolding or using platforms. Get in touch now and speak to us about your next project!