Drone Inspections

Drone inspection, aerial inspection, UAV inspection, UAS inspection – what do we call them?

If you’re thinking we’ve copied this headline from the surveys page and just changed it a litte, you’d be right, but that’s only because they’re a very similar process as far as drone operators are concerned. The end client might be different, but often not, but the process of using a drone to get aerial images and video is essentially the same.

We specialise in getting those images and video at height, or in unsafe environments, or maybe just quicker and easier than your own team going in armed with cameras. We work with surveyors, building inspectors, health & safety inspectors, architects, the list is endless and will work to your brief, getting you exactly what you need.

We can even work indoors, getting the camera up high in warehouses for example, to inspect those difficult to reach areas. Or maybe, as we did earlier this year, inside an old barn, using specialist lighting and flying over the top of unsafe first storey flooring ensuring everyone was kept safe.

Keeping the main bullet points as the surveys page as they’re all relevant here to, but to sum it up, using EMAV for your drone inspections is:


Why go working at height, or hanging off the side of a bridge or dam, or walking across uneven, unsafe flooring? We eliminate risk by sending the drone to work in those unsafe environments, the drone won’t sue us for poor conditions and quite frankly, complains a lot less than humans do too!


We can be on site, site surveyed and flying the drone, capturing those all important images and videos within minutes, not hours. We will never skimp on safety, not ever, but there’s no reason to assume that means hours of setup before we even get up in the air. Speed is gained through the lack of additional equipment being needed, we don’t need ropework setting up, or platforms erected, we just get on with it.

Cost Effective

This is where your folks in finance will love you! Using our drones to get your images quicker and more safely also means reduced insurance costs for you, less equipment rental and quite probably, less boots on the ground. Our operators carry out a good deal of the pre-planning before even arriving on site, ensuring that when we are there, disruption is kept to a minimum and your staff can get on with their jobs even more efficiently. What is there not to like about that?

More information

For more information, and hopefully some interesting reading, check out our survey & inspections blog posts or click the button below to speak to us about your drone surveying requirements!