Drone Surveying

Drone survey, aerial survey, UAV survey, UAS survey – what do we call them?

It really doesn’t matter what you call them, they are all the same thing! Whatever you call them, they are safe, fast and cost effective. Drones have revolutionised the way surveys and inspections of those hard to reach places are conducted, it is now easy to check roofs for condition & damage, assess brickwork in tricky to access locations, for example, under bridges, or inside barns with dangerous flooring, high level overviews of the location can be provided – the possibilities are endless! Whatever your requirement for dangerous, high level, difficult to access places, drone surveying is quite possibly your solution.

Working with architects, surveyors, building inspectors, health & safety departments, builders and many others, we provide the tools and operators for all your drone surveying requirements. Quite simply, we will get your eyes up high, for your site surveys, flat roof or pitched roof inspections, building surveyor construction surveys – while you keep your feet on the ground.


Using a drone to complete your survey, you can eliminate most of, if not all the risk that you might otherwise encounter. Reduce the risk for working at height and all the safety requirements that entails. Don’t worry about unsafe conditions underfoot, the drone will happily fly over all of that!


With no need to erect scaffolding, or manouvre cherry-pickers into position, conducting a drone survey means time is certainly on your side. This is especially true for larger or more difficult to access areas such as bridges, extensive roofs perhaps at a variety of heights. As long as the drone operator (some companies call them pilots, we only do that if we’re wearing our Ray-bans!) can keep sight of the drone at all times, there is no requirement to stop, move equipment, start again repeatedly. This ensures your survey is completed in the shortest possible time.

Cost Effective

We’re not going to use the word “cheap” here, simply because it’s about more than just the price. While we like to think we’re not expensive, we’d rather think about the full value – one operator arriving on site, performing an on-site risk assessment to ensure everything tallies up with the pre-visit risk assessment done using our planning tool, conducting the flights in order to get the survey data you require and then heading back to the office to collate and review all the deliverables – surely that’s got to be quicker than more traditional methods?

More information

For more information, and hopefully some interesting reading, check out our survey & inspections blog posts or click the button below to speak to us about your drone surveying requirements!