About EMAV

About EMAV

EMAV Ltd came about in early 2019 as the result of a lifetime of aviation enthusiasm and a passion for photography – and more than a little geekiness when it comes to drones, cameras and all manner of other tech!

about emav peak district sunshine over green fields

After a lifetime or two (that’s how it felt) in consultancy and a software background, our founder (and guiding light!) wanted to marry those skills with aviation and photography and hence, EMAV was born. Consultancy skills, in particular, will always be at the core of EMAV operations, with every client treated as a one of a kind, with a unique problem to solve, requiring a bespoke solution each and every time.

We firmly believe that every client should be consulted with, guided and assisted to resolve their problems, there is no “standard approach” here at EMAV, every single client we work with, every single project we take on is a chance to re-assess our own creativity, thought process and way of working. The world is evolving, so should we!


Now that completely depends on what version of that question you are asking!

If you’re asking what the initials stand for, there’s a few opinions there, it could be:

East Midlands Aerial Videography

Electronic Marketing of Aerial Views

Electic, Mad, Amazing, Versatile

Or it could be a combination of all of the above!

If, however, you’re asking why you should choose EMAV for your next project, the answer is somewhat more straightforward, do you want to work with a company who have your best interest at heart, who will go above (literally!) and beyond for you and bring their years of creative and customer experience to your project? If the answer to that is “YES!”, then you’ve just answered your own “Why EMAV?” question too!

aerial marketing photography of nursery in derbyshire
real estate agency photo of bungalow garden stables and field
full building drone inspection of old barn in cheshire
industrial unit roof aerial inspection by drone

Our company, our world!

Late 2020 / early 2021 saw EMAV invest in even better equipment for video editing and 3D mapping/modelling, admittedly some of that was driven by our tendency to like everything new and shiny and our latest investment has been the provision of our very own client portal, enabling us to deliver an end-to-end solution completely in-house.

At EMAV, we understand that our company has an impact on the environment, from the vehicles we drive, to the equipment we use and the way our power is generated, we have already taken steps to reduce our footprint on the environment by using 100% Green electricity in the office / home offices, during 2021 we will go further with the aim of becoming carbon negative by the end of 2021.

And for those of you wondering, no that roof is not our data centre!