The advantages of producing 3D digital models of your buildings or assets cannot be overestimated. This technology has been in increasing use in many sectors such as mining, construction, power generation and especially for historic buildings.

Photogrammetry is the art and science of building 3d models from 2d photographs and can incorporate both ground based images alongside aerial images. Many (think perhaps hundreds or thousands depending on the size of the object!) overlapping photographs are taken of the asset or structure and specialist software is used to manipulate these photos into a 3d representation of the original – hence the term “digital twin”. These twins are both highly accurate and photo realistic and give viewers the unique ability of being able to twist, turn and move the twin to effectively view the original from any viewpoint.

Below is an example of a 3D model we produced for a church prior to remedial work being done on the building. The 3d digital twins can be delivered both electronically such as this, or 3d printed for a unique take on the structure!


We will also work with surveyors / architects and the like, ensuring we can deliver in the appropriate format before any project commences.