HD, SD, 4K, photo, video, hi-res, lo-res, Youtube, Vimeo, file transfer – it doesn’t matter if these words mean anything, everything or nothing to you, here at EMAV, we’ll ensure you get the right imagery, in the right format, whatever your requirements!

As a matter of course, we will discuss with you how you’ll be using the “media”, whether it’s photos or video you require, what resolution you require, whether it’s for website use, or supporting a planning application etc. We’ll discuss and agree with you exactly what you require from us in the form of deliverables.

All imagery (photos and/or videos) you receive from us will be appropriately edited and supplied as promised. And what’s more, we will deliver your imagery to you via our bespoke client portal, giving you a seamless experience with EMAV Ltd, one you will want to repeat in the future.