Golf Courses


What better way could there possibly be of selling the idea of your golf course to potential new members than allowing them to feel like they're out there, on the course, getting a real feel for the place? We can get you footage from ground and up above, capturing the true essence of your course. We'll work with you to highlight any key features of the course, whether it's a particular water feature, beautiful flora (yes, we're thinking of the Augusta azaleas too!) or even a quick tour of the 19th hole, we can incorporate anything and everything you wish.


Another option to offer your members, via your website or app, is the ability to "fly over" each hole - take a ball's eye view one hole at a time, players can visualise the course like never before - they can even while away the hours during the working week visualising the perfect shots they just know they'll make at the weekend!


A unique offering for your members could be a 3D model, via your website, allowing players to move, rotate and zoom in & out - this option really allows viewers to see changes in elevation or to "see around the corner" - it's almost as good as having your own caddie!

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