Are you an estate agent or property photographer?

Estate agent photographer, property photographer, whatever your description is (do we have to include the oh-so-American “real estate photographer”? 😉 ), do you take photographs of properties for them to be let or sold?


Do you wish you could add something a little extra to your final product?


Well now you can – follow the example of MiniAperture Photography and join forces with EMAV, you can offer to your clients the option of that “view from up high” – now it doesn’t always have to be that high if we’re completely honest – sometimes the best view of a property is still had from below the gutter line – or you run the risk of having a photo full of roof – generally not the most flattering look!


Now imagine that hard to get shot full of the wow factor – maybe showing off those sweeping views, maybe including (or excluding!) some trees that frame the property, or even that view from up high – and we mean WAY high – showing how much gardens or land are included with the property. This can even be highlighted further through the subtleties of Photoshop…


See what we did here? That’s right – Photoshop doesn’t have to result in unrealistic images (although it can!) – but we love drawing the attention of the potential buyer to the gardens and land included with the property above and subtly encouraging the buyer to ignore the surrounding properties, however nice they may be!


And yes, the “V” in EMAV does stand for “Video” so, of course, we can provide you with beautiful videos from up high, down low, wherever makes that property look awesome!

All you need to do then is get that listing with those photos & video up on the likes of Rightmove and wait for the phone to start ringing (yep, we’re old school and like to think of phones ringing rather than the latest chart #1 as a ringtone!)


We will work with you to get those extra shots that you can’t quite get yourselves.


Get in touch to take your property listings to, quite literally, the next level…