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Aerial Photography and Video Artistry for Business, Property & Education More info
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Aerial Photography and Video Production Services

Our speciality is getting those hard-to-get shots - be it at inaccessible heights with limited access; maybe unsafe environments making it too dangerous to work; or simply quicker, easier and cheaper to "send the drone in". We supply high quality photos and video, whatever your requirement!

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“We have a very old and tall house (too tall for ladders) and needed to get our roof inspected to help find out what damage we had after all the strong winds, we knew of 2 tiles but we were able to have EMAV inspect for any further damage without the need for scaffolding – very happy with the service – 5 Stars!”

Sara Lynch

“Brilliant roof inspection service from EMAV. Adrian was extremely professional, turned up when he said he would and delivered exactly what he’d promised. The images from the drone were incredibly detailed and we were able to pinpoint the issue with the roof in minutes. And best of all, it was orders of magnitude quicker, less disruptive and cheaper than the the scaffolding we’d previously been told was the only option.”

Mr Ellis

“I brought EMAV on board to help with a property I was photographing for a local estate agent. I was unable to show the size of the plot using photos taken from ground level, but Adrian was able to take some fantastic aerial shots for me that will really help to sell the property. The whole process was very straightforward and easy from the start, Adrian was very professional and knowledgeable throughout. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the market for drone photography.”

Laura Firth

MiniAperture Photography

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Are you an estate agent or property photographer?

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